What do we all need to survive, to thrive, to flourish? Food, water and rest. Rest; as in sleep a good night’s sleep!

At Castlewood House we take sleep very seriously. If you have a good night’s sleep, you can wake revitalised, and enjoy your day. Be ready to conquer the world!

Our location in Dingle Ireland, right beside the Wild Atlantic Way, definitely lends itself to sleep. Through time, the sounds of the sea have become synonymous with sleep inducing music, and relaxation CD’s. But I think that what really is essential to a good night’s sleep, is a top quality mattress matched with the very highest quality bedding.

When we began our journey of sourcing furniture and fittings for Castlewood House, over 12 years ago now, we were very lucky to have prior knowledge of Kayfoam. They are a fantastic Irish company who have been manufacturing mattresses in Co. Kildare for many years. In our careers previous to opening Castlewood, or the BC time as we call it, we had dealt with the company, and we were very familiar with the quality they offered. We took ourselves down to one of their showrooms, and tested every one of their mattresses.

There is something very unique about a mattress producers showroom. There are no funny looks as you literally bounce on the mattresses; they are used to it! Not like if you visit a bed department in a department store!

We decided on their Club Class 4 Hotel Grade mattress, which offers the ideal happy medium; firm but comfortable.

Our next outing was to our lovely friends in Murray’s in Charleville, Co. Cork. Murray’s have been supplying linen to the hospitality industry in Ireland and overseas, for many years. It is a family run business, and their fabulous Joan, knows every customer.

We sourced all our Egyptian Cotton sheets there, which are 400 thread count, so they are very hard wearing. I have to confess to being a lover of white cotton, there is just something fresh and crisp about it, so all our linen in Castlewood House is white. In addition, we do all our own laundry here on site, which enables us to have the maximum quality control.

Sheets must be crisp and towels must be fluffy. Our towels and bathrobes we soured from Lissadell, which used to be based in Co. Monaghan. There isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t get one of our guests asking about our bathrobes which are very special. It took a long time to find them, but they are fantastic. Warm and fluffy without being too heavy to wear, and an absolute dream to launder; they dry in literally 15 minutes!

We were so proud to be mentioned by Joan Scales in her Irish Times recently, complimenting us on our attention to detail regarding our beds. You can read her piece Comfort Zone here…