There is nothing more evocative of wonderful childhood memories for me than collecting blackberries ( Smeara Dubha in Irish). These wonderful little berries of nature’s bounty are so plentiful along the hedges and ditches in September every year.

It is a special task to go foraging the blackberry bushes with my own family in the hedgerows around Castlewood House. It is a wonderful family activity that I can highly recommend to all.

Brian and I feel that it is very important that our family know where their food comes from. Involving children in the food they eat is a wonderful life learning experience.  Our Blackberry Cake recipe is a favourite of the family’s here at Castlewood House. Go forage for blackberries in the bushes around you. Then make our Blackberry Cake and enjoy eating it with all the family.

blackberries, Blackberries – picking, cooking and eating

In a world that is so fast moving and technical, it is just lovely to simply have just old fashioned fun with our children. Spending time with them like this is really special, and even better when they get to help out. Try it yourself and see.

You can find the recipe for our Blackberry Cake here….