We were so chuffed, to be honest, when our friend, Trevis Gleason, asked us to contribute to a new cookery book he was in the process of writing.

He came up with the idea of asking some of the chefs in Dingle to contribute a three course menu with a twist. The menu would incorporate food we would serve our own families, dishes that we like to eat ourselves.

When you take into consideration the wonderful food that is produced locally here in Dingle: the array of gorgeous fish; the finest beef and lamb; vegetables grown the way God intended; this was a simple task – and Dingle Dinners was born! The book incorporates menus from 25 of Dingle’s finest chefs, some fine, and some just everyday food, but all dinners that are good for the soul.

The first copies were launched during the 2017 Dingle Food Festival and everyone was blown away by the quality of the book, and Elaine Kennedy’s beautiful photography just tops every single recipe off.

Our pages are entitled “ A Castle Courtship”, and our menu is: “ Family Favourites. Featuring our favourite Beef Stew, which our kids just love (and that they eat with no arguments!) and our Chocolate Torte which we also serve in the Afternoon in the Drawing Room here at Castlewood, from time to time.
It was such great fun to be involved in the project and we now have the book entitled Dingle Dinners available to purchase at Castlewood. You can purchase it online if you like at this link here…

We would just love if you try out our recipe and Trevis thank you so much for the opportunity – you are a legend !!