Mary Ferriter is the Global Accounts Manager for the Dingle Distillery. I was delighted to interview her as part of our People Behind the Business series.

What do you love about your job ?
I love where I live, that I represent Dingle, the love of who you are and what you do. The understanding of the bigger picture of what Dingle is. I just love connecting people with our product and telling people the story of Dingle. Hospitality is what we excel at in Dingle, and it comes to us naturally. I also love the travel element of my job, meeting new people, visiting new places and bringing the story of the Distillery and Dingle with me.

Tell me about a typical day.
In my new role as Global Accounts Manager, with a focus on North America I divide my time between Ireland and the US. I spend 4 – 6 weeks at a time in the US and in that time will visit approximately four to six states, visiting key customers and connecting with new ones. I spend most my time in market connecting into the diaries of our existing and potential distributors. I get to meet their team members, and to share our wonderful Dingle story with them.

Dingle Distillery, Dingle Distillery -People Behind the BusinessI organise tastings and events in conjunction with our distributors, which is a wonderful opportunity to meet potential customers and share our Dingle story with them. We are not just selling a product but the whole story behind the product, and there such a huge appetite in the market for the total experience of buying our whiskey. Brand awareness is growing for our products, it builds layer upon layer and we are very proactive in the marketplace. People are very loyal to our brand and indeed to our community. There is literally a customer in every corner
Dingle Distillery, Dingle Distillery -People Behind the Business


The Distillery opened in 2012 with humble beginnings and due to the world class products we produce our Dingle Gin was named the “ World’s Best Gin” in 2019 of which we are immensely proud. The brand awareness for our whiskey is also gaining momentum but whiskey needs time and we are very lucky to have ideal maturation conditions for whiskey in the west of Ireland.


What inspires you?
I have total belief on our products and the authenticity of the story behind the Distillery. I am also inspired daily by the beautiful place in which we are so lucky to live and work. I love the simplicity of life here, the open spaces the fresh air. Dingle is a very honest and upfront place to live and has a wonderfully close community.

Who is your greatest influence?
I would have to say firstly my parents. In my professional life Oliver Hughes, the co-founder of the Dingle Distillery. He was such a visionary man and he has left such an amazing legacy for his family and the Dingle community as a whole.

What is your favorite place on the peninsula?
I am really drawn to water. I helps me to relax and to think. Dun Chaoin Pier, Beenbawn and Clogher Beach would be favourites.

What would you if you won the lotto?
Well I wouldn’t disappear. I would keep working in Dingle Distillery as I enjoy it so much. I am very proud of what we have achieved in the short time that we are open. My husband, Paddy Joe, and I would love to buy a small farm and to open a sanctuary for animals, That would be a dream come true.

In conversation with Mary Ferriter – July 2020

We would be happy to oragnise a tour of the Dingle Distillery including a tasting while you stay with us here in Castlewood House Dingle.