We were honoured to have the very well respected and widely read Rick Steves, one of the US’s most prestigious travel writers to stay with us in June.

Guidebook Author and Travel TV host, Rick, is America’s most respected authority on Travel to Europe. Having seen many of our guests carry his well-read and used guides, during their stay, it was so wonderful to finally meet him in person.

Rick was in Ireland to retrace his steps, and update his guide on Ireland, as it had been twelve years since he last visited. Ensuring a guide is always up to date, is not an easy thing, and what better way for any professional to update, than by Rick visiting the destination himself.

Rick encountered that he had seen may positive changes in Ireland as a holiday destination. During his stay in Dingle, he enjoyed a tour of the peninsula with Colm Banbury and took a walk around the town with none other than Dingle’s own crystal cutter, Sean Daly, of Dingle Crystal.

Each morning of his stay, Rick sampled a different dish from our award winning breakfast menu, lovingly created by Brian. The chats we had each morning were inspirational, and Rick was particularly interested in our sourcing policy for local produce. His particular favourite seemed to be our Black Pudding and Goat’s Cheese Omelette. (A marriage made in Heaven, this omelette is very special, and we will be posting our recipe soon in our recipes section. Don’t forget to look out for it!). We enjoyed telling Rick all about the origins of Black Pudding in Ireland and the method of making it, where everything is used apart from the squeak!

Having Rick come stay was a highlight for us here at Castlewood House. We are honoured to be included in his recommended places to stay, and we read with interest Rick’s Blog on travel.

Thank you Rick for an inspiring visit, we look forward to welcoming you back to Dingle soon, and to welcoming more visitors from the US, using your guides to help them enjoy their holidays in Ireland.