, Room 3 and its Beginnings The very first room that we decided on is Room 3, my girlie room. I saw the beautiful French furniture one day in a magazine and managed to source it in Ireland. The bed, armoire and dressing table just looked perfect when they arrived and ever more so when they were in the room. Then began the task of really making it romantic.

I bought these plates from a friend of my mums who used to run an antique shop. We called in one day and I asked her if she had any pink and white plates – she said she didn’t in the shop but to give her two minutes. Low and behold she arrived back two minutes later with three pink and white plates – they had been hanging on her own wall!

The bedroom chair is Victorian and I bought it at an auction in Co. Meath one night – it is so comfortable to sit in because it really supports your back. I love it because it is so feminine and really evocative of a bygone era.

The cream and pink soft feel of the room is very feminine and we then decided on the pictures and the funky cushions to add a bit of character and to make the room more interesting.

, Room 3 and its Beginnings

, Room 3 and its Beginnings , Room 3 and its Beginnings