We were delighted to have Sarah Miles renowned for her role in Ryan’s Daughter the most famous movie to be made in Dingle, to come and stay at Castlewood House in March 2016.

Ryan’s Daughter was filmed in 1968 and was set in the fictional location of Kirrary, an impoverished village on the barren west coast of Ireland, now known as The Wild Atlantic Way. The year is 1916; the First World war is at its height and Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. The action takes place after the Easter Rising in Dublin has been put down by the British army, with considerable damage and much loss of life; the leaders executed and feelings are running very high.

The story revolves around six principal characters: one woman Rosy Ryan ( Sarah Miles) and five men, each of whom, in his own way, loves her Charles Shaughnessy ( Robert Mitchum), Major Doryan ( Christopher Jones), Father Hugh Collins ( Trevor Howard), Michaell ( John Mills) and Tom Ryan ( Leo McKern).
Written By Robert Bolt, as a tribute to his wife Sarah, and directed by David Lean, Ryan’s Daughter really put Dingle on the map as a tourist destination. Lean scoured the world in search of a suitable home for Bolt’s universal tale of love and betrayal. Sicily, Sardinia and Shetland, were considered before they settled on the majestic Wild Atlantic Way, and in particular, upon Dunquin at the tip of the Dingle peninsula, the most westerly parish in Europe.
You can retrace the steps of the movie makers here in Dingle, by booking our two night Ryan’s Daughter Package.

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