We are so lucky to live in the countryside on the edge of the Dingle peninsula, surrounded by the beauty of nature. In the last number of years there has been a big change in Ireland with people going back to the old days and the traditional ways of cooking and foraging has very much come to the forefront. In early spring we see the first flowers of nature’s lovely gift, wild garlic.

It is so beautiful to walk down a lane or to look out in your garden and see an expanse of little white bell flowers in a sea of green. The south coast of Ireland is particularly suited to this little gem and it grows in abundance. We gather it and use it for pesto’s, in scones or just as a pretty decoration on our breakfast dishes.

We have included a recipe for these scones on our website if you would like to try them out. They are really nice on a cheese board, eaten hot with soup or just on their own with butter.