Getting the Castlewood French Toast recipe right has not been easy. Like all our recipes we test and test until we have it just right. It’s a wonder we all haven’t put on 20 pounds putting this one together!

Imagine total decadence for breakfast. A feast of buttery, eggy bread with a profusion of warm blueberries and to top it off, a large dollop of the very best whipped Irish Cream. Divine !

Nobody is saying this is should be part of everyday breakfast, but here at Castlewood House we think we have come up with a winning formula. This is a total Treat – with a capital ‘T’!.

Brian has gained quite a reputation for his take on a traditional and modern Breakfast Menu. Twelve years in the making, and he continually strives to improve the offering, by searching out new ideas, and tweaking recipes to constantly improve them.

Earlier this year, he was delighted to have Castlewood House named as Best Breakfast in Ireland, by the readers of one of the top two Irish daily newspapers – the Irish Independent. A fitting honour to have bestowed, and makes his 5am rises each morning all the more worthwhile.
Breakfast at Castlewood House is really a ‘Big Deal’. We have listened and researched based on the requests from our guests, many of whom have become great friends. The latest recipe for Castlewood House French Toast has taken months to perfect.

Having tested various combinations of diverse bread types and moving between hen eggs, duck eggs, bantam eggs to name a few, we finally found the right blend to make which we feel is a worthy addition to our Breakfast Menu.

We have really enjoyed creating this spectacular dish to kick start our guests’ morning. Why don’t you try it at home yourself and create the ultimate breakfast indulgence.

You can find the recipe here……