Have you ever looked at people’s Instagram pages and wished that you could take photo’s that looked like that? I have …. So, one of my New Year’s resolutions was that I was going to learn more about photography, and to learn to know my camera, so I made memories with a spectacular Sunset Photography tour.

My camera is a Canon EOS2000 which is a perfect starter camera and was a Christmas present from Brian, and one of the best presents he ever got me. Why? Because it gets me out and about, but more importantly, it teaches you to look at things properly.

sunset photography, Sunset Photography – Making MemoriesLife is so busy that we whizz around and we see things but we don’t really “look” at them. To this end I decided I would call on our colleague George Jackson, who owns Dingle Darkroom and offers the most incredibly range of photography tours.

To give you a little background on George, he has over 30 years’ experience, spent photographing the landscapes of our beautiful Wild Atlantic Way. He is very passionate about our local landscape which is dotted with ancient churches, archaeological sites and stunning beaches. His aim is to provide photographers of all levels – from beginners to upskilling – with inspiration and new skills.

I met George for the start of our sunset photography adventure, on a chilly and slightly January afternoon at the Blasket Centre – you can park here and start your walk. I really wanted to learn how to capture the perfect sunset and there really is no better place than along the coastline of the Dingle Peninsula.

We started by walking up to the old schoolhouse, which was used in the filming of Ryan’s Daughter back in 1969 – which is an iconic site on the peninsula, although now quite dilapidated. The view from here is absolutely stunning as you look out on the Blasket Islands, An Fear Marbh, The Great Blasket and An Tearacht in the distance. It makes you simply stand and look in awe at the magnificence of it.

George helped me by giving me a lesson on perspective and how to use my eye to set up the perfect shot. To utilise what is available all around you, whether it’s the old stone walls, the protruding rocks or the skyline to create the most eye-catching picture.

sunset photography, Sunset Photography – Making MemoriesWe spent quite a while taking shots and then then progressed on towards the pier at Dunquin. The pier was used at the departure point by the Blasket Islanders when they rowed across to the island with supplies and its still used today by the Blasket Island Ferry to bring passengers across to the island, which is uninhabited.
The twisty path down to the pier is perhaps one of the most photographed places on the Dingle Peninsula and one of the most iconic.

As the sun starts to set we take shots, and George continually helps me and encourages me to use the manual half of my camera (which I have been intimidated by up until now) which will enable me to take much better landscape shots. I promise to study up on technique for the next time we go out – and I can’t wait for that – honestly.

The sun starts to go down, it appears to be going in the ocean, and we both watch and take shots. When I tell you it is one of the most amazing sights, a beautiful, perfect sunset captured for posterity, it is one of the most rewarding things you can do. The other thing about sunsets, is just when you think they are amazing they get better!

As the sun goes down and vanishes from sight then comes the afterglow and WOW !! we have absolutely no light or air pollution here along the coast, so the colours of the afterglow are amazing – reds, to pinks to pinker still – you really must experience it to believe it.

I learned so much from new techniques, perspective, using my camera correctly and just the joy that photography can bring. It was a wonderful afternoon and I really recommend it – and you don’t even need to have a camera, lots of his students/customers just use their phones.

I spent 3 ½ hours with George and we are delighted to partner with him to bring you our Making Memories Sunset Photography package.